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Shops and Restaurants


Shops & Restaurants

5th International Specialized Exhibition of equipment and technologies, technique and materials, raw materials and products for catering and tradeenterprises.

We would like to invite you to participate in the 5th International Specialized Exhibition “Shops & Restaurants” to be held on 1 - 4 of November 2011, on the venues of IEC "Moldexpo" S.A., the leading center on organizing of exhibitions and fairs in the Republic.

The project of “Shops & Restaurants” exhibition is an efficient format for the business development, maintaining of partnership relations and a professional dialogue on the market of commerce and catering.

EXHIBITION PROFILE: Commercial centers, network operators, services.

Commercial equipment and accessories:

  1. commercial equipment for shops, restaurants, bars, cafés, fast-food enterprises
  2. refrigerating, deep freezing equipment
  3. cash registers
  4. labeling and coding devices and materials
  5. equipment for products’ weighting and measuring
  6. packaging equipment
  7. outdoor advertising
  8. decoration of glass-windows and interiors
  9. security systems
  10. tents, trade booths, marquee etc.
  11. Vending technologies: vending machines for coffee, refreshment drinks, snacks

Restaurants, cafés, bars, hotels:

  1. equipment for complex fitting out of restaurants, cafés, bars, disco clubs, hotels, casino
  2. heating equipment for restaurant’s kitchen
  3. deep-frying machines, marmites (food warmers), grills, ovens etc.
  4. tableware and flatware
  5. consumables, napkins, hygienic means etc.
  6. sound and illuminating apparatus
  7. automation of the service process in restaurants, software
  8. furniture for restaurants, summer café, hotels
  9. devices and implements for cleaning
  10. detergent and disinfectants
  11. billiards, game and casino machines

Storehouse, logistics:

  1. warehouse systems
  2. technological equipment and mechanization means for loading/unloading and transportation/ store handling
  3. automation of warehouse business
  4. microclimate systems
  5. complex solutions on projecting of shops, restaurants, cafés, bars, warehouses
  6. corporate clothes and overalls
PROGRAM International Gastronomic Champion Ship - 2011. Seminars, round tables, master-classes.

Мanager proiect: Angela Roşca.

Telefoane: (+37322)810-406, 810-416.

Fax: (+37322) 810-406, 74-74-20.

E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Expoziţia „ Shops & Restaurants” – un instrument eficient pentru businessul Dumneavoastră!




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