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Another stylish fourchette from La Roma Catering


One of these perfect autumn days, “La Roma Catering” hosted a stylish fourchette for all the guests of Proms – Jazz & Classic festival that took place in the hall of Mihai Eminescu Theatre in Chisinau. It turned out to be a great success thanks to the professionalism of “La Roma Catering” team that makes sure to cater to all the needs of their clients.

These guys guarantee professional services every time and they will come and serve you wherever you need them whether you are having a picnic, throwing a party at your office or your out-of-town house.

La Roma Catering” promise to offer:
  • - Professional hosting of fourchettes and banquets
  • - Individual menus depending on your culinary needs
  • - Delicious Italian and Moldavian dishes
  • - The best service you can get in town
  • - Help on picking the best places for your parties and banquets
  • - Organize parties and events from scratch

All the guests invited to Proms – Jazz & Classic spent a lovely time listening to “a concert made for the heart, ears and soul” according to Luigi Gageos – the organizer of this major event. “La Roma Catering” made sure to complete this lovely night with select dishes and good wine.

If you are interested to find out more information on “La Roma Catering”, feel free to contact Roman, Alexander or Dmitryi anytime you need. Tel: (+373 22)22 85 90 or (+373) 68 38 32 32



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